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Friday, 9-Jan-2009 08:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Old dog, new tricks

Resurrecting fotocats & fotodogs - a couple of old fotopages that were "open access" long before this new open access feature even existed!

Both have now been converted to the new system so you can now post to them from your account using the tags #fotocats or #fotodogs.

Thursday, 8-Jan-2009 10:36 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Welcome to Open Access Fotopages!

What's it all about?

An open access page is one which any fotopages user can post to. The purpose is to allow many people to contribute to a page on a single topic or area of interest, creating a community around that page.

You don't need to signup anywhere special to make a post to an open access page, just make a regular post to your own page but add a tag with the name of the page and add the symbol # in front of it. Any posts with such a tag will be automatically posted to the relevant open access page if one exists.

Anyone can also create an open access fotopage or convert their existing fotopage to open access. To do so, simply login to your new or existing fotopages account and go to the settings tab and check the box at the bottom which says "Allow other Fotopagers to create entries for my Fotopage".

Once you have done that you should add a link to this page ( and then make the first post announcing your new open access page and tag it with #open so that the announcement will also appear here. Please note that you must only post to #open once to announce your new open page, no future posts for any other reason are allowed to #open. The #open page is only a place to announce other open pages as they are created. We will also link back from here to all open pages and they will appear in the column on the left and as friends on the profile page.

While anyone can post to an open page you create, only the person who made the post can edit or delete that post. Make sure you explain the posting rules for your page clearly.

To start the ball rolling we have created a new open access fotopage for people to discuss the current conflict in Gaza. To make a post there just tag it with #gaza. Remember this page is for all sides to post their opinions and news so please keep it civil.


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